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The Imokilly Cheese Company

The Imokilly Cheese Company

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The Imokilly Cheese Company Ltd is delighted to offer you a broad range of premium speciality cheeses with exceptional flavour characteristics, manufactured from the finest natural ingredients using generations of cheesemaking craft and expertise.

The Imokilly Cheese Company originated in the townland of Mogeely in the early part of the last century when local dairy farmers first established successful cheese making enterprises. Mogeely lies within the ancient barony of Imokilly a name derived from the ancient Gaelic name of the region, Ui MacCaille.

The barony of Imokilly and the neighbouring Fermoy and Muskerry have long been recognised as uniquely suitable for grass based dairy production and references to a cheese-making tradition in the area can be traced back to the oldest Gaelic sources.

With the success of local cheese making and other dairy enterprises came the formation of Imokilly Co-operative in the 1930's and soon the Imokilly name became synonymous with the production of a wide range of premium speciality cheeses.

Imokilly amalgamated with its neighbouring farmer cooperative in Mitchelstown in the 1970's and became part of Dairygold.

In 2006 Dairygold acquired the leading British soft cheese manufacturer based in Leeds. The manufacturing facility was purpose built in 1992 to provide soft cheese solutions to the food manufacturing and foodservice sectors.

The Imokilly Cheese Company Product Range:

Today`s modern facilities have BRC "A" grade accreditation and, of course, are unrecognisable from the original plant dating back to 1930, but as always, we adhere to strict guidelines and our standards are of the highest quality.

With cheese making expertise gained over many years we are also able to extend this knowledge in choosing other manufacturers to produce on our behalf cheese with real consumer appeal 

DFI Ireland Facility - Speciality Cheese (Mogeely) and Cheddar (Mitchelstown)

Leeds Soft Cheese Facility

  • Imokilly Regato P.D.O.

    The Unique heritage and flavour of Imokilly Regato cheese has been formally recognised internationally by the awarding of PDO status



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  • 2014 World Championship Cheese Contest
  • 2014 British Cheese Awards - Bronze
  • 2014 British Cheese Awards - Silver
  • 2014 Global Cheese Awards - Bronze
  • 2014 Iternational Cheese Awards - Gold
  • 2014 International Cheese Awards - Silver
  • 2014 International Cheese Awards - Bronze
  • 2014 Irish Cheese Awards - Bronze
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  • 2013 Irish Cheese Awards
  • 2013 International Cheese Awards -Silver
  • 2013 International Cheese Awards - Gold
  • 2013 International Cheese Awards - Bronze
  • 2013 British Cheese Awards - Best of Category
  • 2013 British Cheese Awards - Bronze
  • 2013 Global Cheese Awards - Gold
  • 2013 Global Cheese Awards - Silver
  • 2013 World Cheese Awards - Silver
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  • 2012 International Cheese Awards Gold
  • 2012 International Cheese Awards - Silver
  • 2012 International Cheese Awards - Bronze
  • 2012 Global Cheese Awards Gold
  • 2012 British Cheese Awards
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  • 2010 World Championship Cheese Contest Best in Class
  • 2011 International Cheese Awards Gold
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  • 2010 British Cheese Awards Bronze
  • 2010 British Cheese Awards Gold
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  • 2015 International Cheese Awards - Gold
  • 2015 International Cheese Awards - Silver
  • 2015 International Cheese Awards - Bronze
  • 2015 Global Cheese Awards - Bronze
  • 2015 Global Cheese Awards - Gold